Raisin’ McCain…

So, tonight felt painfully slow compared to Palin last night, however, toward the end, John finally put his passion out there…love of country and others before self, and he really meant it. I know people (a.k.a. media and the “other” side) are going to comment because they will say he is milking his time as a POW but, you know what? He OWNS that. How many people can say they went through the atrocities that he did, survived it and came out a man with a greater love not just of his neighbors but a willingness to forgive his enemies? How many people will come out with so much hope and a willingness to continue to serve others in a selfless manner? The end of his speech really made me listen because he spoke of not complaining about problems but helping to be a part of the solution; he spoke of caring for others and serving in any capacity that we can in order to make not our lives better but others. I have to admit it really resonated with me, and with my faith, and it made me really proud of him just for saying those things. His words asking people to join in and serve others made me think of Jesus…and isn’t that what Jesus would do?


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