Warning: Lots of Cursing Ahead…

I am sick of it already. I’m sick of our biased news media, I’m sick of the dog and pony show that has been on TV all week (I’m talking about the Democratic National Convention), and I am SICK OF BARAK OBAMA!!!! There, I’ve said it. What the fuck has Barak Obama done anyway? Uh, NOTHING. I am tired of him taking credit for coming up with all of Hillary’s ideas. I don’t get it. I don’t understand why, why, why, why, WHY the media has basically given him a free ride?!? He constantly AVOIDS ANY kind of debate at all only submitting to what is required. Why? Because he doesn’t HAVE any ideas of his own and cannot speak unless a speech has been prepared for him and he can read it off a fucking teleprompter! I’m tired of the media monopolizing the airwaves with stories of him as if he is Martin Luther King and the fact that they have crowned Barak to be the one to make history even though he is totally undeserving of it. He is NO Martin Luther. He is NO Colin Powell. I would have LOVED to see Colin Powell be president. Now THERE is a man who would have made a TRULY good president because he is humble, fair, deserving and intelligent and has REAL experience serving his country! The media has overdone its constant deluge of images and stories and coveting of Barak solely because they are pissed off at the Bush Administration. So instead of presenting America with unbiased facts about both parties, both candidates, they only present what they want us to hear. They have made Barak out to be the next ‘prince of peace’ and THAT he is not. How about the media returning to the good ol’ days when their reporting actually meant INFORMING the people and not making shit up? How about the media doing their job and accepting the responsibility that REAL news is reporting with truthfullness, impartiality, and accuracy in mind? The media can go fuck itself, because I’m tired of listening to their fabricated bullshit.


2 thoughts on “Warning: Lots of Cursing Ahead…

  1. Okay Angela, Phil is totally going to be your best friend after I have him read this post!!! He feels exactly the same way….with a few more choice words thrown in there!

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