First Day of School…

I have a love/hate relationship with parenthood—sometimes I love it, and sometimes I hate it. The days when I realize just how much I love it are the days when I actually have to let go of my children and foster their independence like today, the first day of school.

We had a wonderful summer and we did so much. My eldest son even commented on how “this was the best summer ever. We got to go to Yellowstone with all our cousins and then go visit Granny for two weeks…” not to mention swimming a ton! We swam so much my daughter’s swimsuit got worn out and was very revealing from the backside! 🙂 I pulled my hair out numerous times trying to deal with all their yelling, screaming and bickering over one thing or another. On many occasions I was ready to jump out of a window and run down the street screaming.

Today, here I am, all alone in silence just two hours after the entire family arose early to start the new school year. Somehow after dropping my youngest off at school and hearing from the teachers about the big smile on his face as he turned his back to me and walked into the building I am feeling a little sad that they are all gone now. I am happy they enjoy going to school. This is my baby’s last year as a pre-schooler! My daughter is half way through elementary school. My eldest will be leaving behind his elementary days after this year. I really have to remind myself constantly not to jump out of that window during my “hate” days and learn to take it all in for what it is because before I know it, this silence will be here to stay.

I am happy for all of them. Happy that they are growing up and that we are providing some great memories for them to cherish. Well, before I get ahead of myself, I will also cherish the short silence, regroup before they return and life becomes hectic again! But I gotta say, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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