Chain Emails…

OK, frequently I receive religious chain emails, mostly from my tia’s–two in particular–that promise good blessing if I pass them on. This afternoon I received one from my brother, God bless him, I love him. Now, I know people mean well, but I just have to comment on how irate these emails make me. Seriously? Do people really believe that if they pass along a stupid email their lives will be better because of it? And if they don’t “may a pox curse you for eternity! I spit on you!” Whatever…

So, every time I get one, I take the utmost delight in pressing the delete button. “Ooooh! What’s going to happen now?!!” Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to read the content of the prayers, some of them are really thoughtful, but I get really pissed off when I read, “send this to 14 people and something really great will happen to you in a couple of hours.” Really????

Uh, h-e-l-l-o…know what? We are blessed everyday by God’s graces and we don’t need to pass an email to 14 people to see if something good happens! Guess what? We are born to die and every day that passes we are nearing our death so shouldn’t we just be thankful because we got to live to see another day? Chain emails suck…I’d much rather read a funny joke.


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