20 Things I Am Right Now…

I was catching up on my friend Sally’s blog and she issued a challenge, so here goes my 20 things I am right now at this moment:

  1. Dirty from climbing my willow tree to prune it.
  2. Wishing I had gone to my spin class this morning.
  3. Wondering what I’m going to make for dinner.
  4. Bummed we have to wake at 6:30 AM Monday morning for school.
  5. Enjoying the rain we’ve been getting.
  6. Happy to be debt-free and investing more.
  7. Excited I’ll be graduating this year from UD’s biblical school with my girlfriends.
  8. Celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary tomorrow!
  9. Anxious for our date on Saturday.
  10. Feeling guilty that I haven’t turned in Shari’s book at the library yet. (but I will!):)
  11. A little bored.
  12. Wondering if I should paint my kitchen cabinets.
  13. Going to play Monopoly Junior with my kids.
  14. Hoping to convince my husband to take us to Hawaii next year for our 10th anniversary.
  15. Settling a fight between the kids. Guess who started it?
  16. Wishing the toys in my house would disappear making it clutter free.
  17. Very blessed.
  18. Extremely happy I got to spend two weeks with my Mom and sister.
  19. Totally content to be home now.
  20. Still in love with my husband after all these years. šŸ™‚

One thought on “20 Things I Am Right Now…

  1. Well hi there, neighbor friend! I miss you too! Wish you’d move to Kansas—ha! When I clicked on your name (on my comment) it went to another blog–stay at home mom? So I’ll be checking on you in 2places now! šŸ™‚ Congrats on 9 years and graduating from Bible school!

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