Angela’s Psalm of Thanksgiving…

This was actually part of a homework assignment to write a psalm of thanksgiving, but I really enjoyed writing it and thought I would share it.

Oh Lord I praise you for all you do,
I praise you Lord on high!
You bless my life in every way,
Bless me morning, noon, and night.
You alone do I thank for all
That you have given me;
For my health, and love and home and heart
From you, oh Lord, ne’er shall I part.
Come and pray with me my friends, my family!
From you, oh Lord, ne’er shall we part.
To us do you provide our work,
You provide our clothes and food.
To us do you provide our shelter,
You provide our lovely moods
To which on bended knee we pray
In thanks for all your gifts,
So grateful are we Lord for you,
That we live our lives in bliss.
For the gifts of family and Holy Spirit
That do keep us closely knit,
For the gifts of generosity and selflessness,
For the gifts of charity and caring,
For the gifts of devotion and respect,
For the gifts of courage, faith, and sharing.
For walking with us, protecting us,
holding us when we cry,
Oh Lord when we look to you
We need only hold our head up high.
Shout with joy for all He brings!
Shout out our love for Him!
Everyday our spirits more strong,
For Him alone we sing.
As we come to know Him more each day,
May He bless us ever still,
For only His love do we long,
This life, our deeds, His will.



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