This Life…

Laying down next him in the dark
I see only the silhouette
of a little boy fast asleep putting
the day’s challenges to rest.

Earlier I spied a little girl, once a baby
not long ago. She was walking along in the park
SO grown up! Just watching who she’s become
almost stops my heart.

I turn the corner to see a young man,
nearly as tall as me. Remembering when
HE was a babe is practically an impossibility.

My throat swells up,
tears begin to form,
but I can’t tell if I’m happy or sad.
I see my life fading away,
Oh! But the blessings I’ve had!
Is it fading away? No it’s JUST beginning!
Ha! We’ve barely left starting gate.

Yet in the quiet moments of those specials days,
those seconds gifted to me amidst chaos and strife…
I gaze into their eyes, catch a glimpse of their souls,
And think, “I helped make this life.”


Love from Momma, to my beautiful children.


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