Am I Open to His Call…

This weekend when I was visiting Mom, we heard the most awesome sermon given by a priest of the Jesuit order. He must have been in his 70s and I thought his sermon was going to be long, boring and scolding because that is my perception of older hispanic priests. So as he rose and slowly walked to the pulpit and readied himself and his papers carefully, I leaned forward to ready myself to listen to what he was going to say.

As he spoke his first words, I found myself intrigued to hear more. As he continued to speak I could not take my eyes off him nor did my mind become distracted in the least. I was fully engrossed in what he was saying until regrettably he was finished and I had tears in my eyes. He absolutely blew my mind. He gave the most eloquent, poignant sermon I’ve ever heard. It was a great sermon. Sadly, I cannot do his sermon justice here, but I will try to pass on the general idea.

He talked about the faith of Abraham, Jesus, and us. He spoke about how Abraham had absolutely no idea where he was going but how his faith made him follow God’s commands of him. He spoke of how Jesus, though the Son of God, was utterly human and that even though he knew where he was going which was ultimately Jerusalem—to his death—he still had to have faith. Then he tied it all together and said that we have to have as much faith as Abraham and Jesus did to be open to know what the “Jerusalem” in our life is, and realize that our Jerusalem changes as we grow and change. I wish I could hear him preach every Sunday he was concise, eloquent, and poignant which was so unexpected. I wish I had a copy of his sermon to share.

So the daily question to ask is, “Am I open to God’s Word and what He is calling me to do?”


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