Some Things Get Passed On…

Bad things like my learned behavior to yell all the time; Or the sarcasm I used constantly and had to try really hard to overcome (not sure if I’m all the way there yet though); And the complaining I am REALLY trying to rid myself of doing. However, some things do get passed on from one generation to the next that are really good.

I remember when we were little, my sister and I were driven to school every morning by Dad. We’d have breakfast, lovingly prepared by Mom and then grab our lunches which were also lovingly prepared by Mom and hop in Dad’s green Chevy truck. I can’t remember whether I sat in the middle or my sister did, but I do always remember Dad backing out of the driveway and seeing Mom standing out on the front porch of our house waving goodbye and blowing us tons of wonderful kisses and smiling. That’s one of my many cherished memories.

This morning after preparing my four year old for pre-school, getting him breakfast, dressed and ready he hopped in the car with his daddy and while he was backing out, I found myself doing what my mommy had done for me for so many years…waving goodbye just outside the door of my house blowing him kisses madly as though I couldn’t send enough love with him to start his day.

Maybe when he’s my age and he has babies of his own he’ll remember me blowing those loving kisses as fondly as I do my own mom. 🙂


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