Time is Flying…

And I can hardly believe we’ve already lived one month of 2008!

My kids are growing up so quickly. Jared turned 10 this year, I can’t believe it! (We measure a few different milestones by his birthday, the age of my car, our wedding anniversary, and how long we’ve lived in our house.) Damn, 10 years has just flown by and I didn’t even plan to be in this house so long! He’s such a great kid..funny, an avid reader (wish I could be like that), and he is all into to making his own eggs in the mornings.

Yesterday, Evie, my sweet beautiful daughter, learned to ride her bike without training wheels. Ya-hoo, I knew you could do it, Mama! She was so proud of herself. Just watching her take off down the street was so much fun. I can’t believe how tall she has grown. She’s a gal of many talents…she is learning to cook, she is very creative, a great piano player, and she is just funny and beautiful–but I said that already didn’t I? 🙂

My little Joshie is growing fast too. All of a sudden he is talking like such a grown up little boy. It’s really weird. It’s as though as soon as we made it to 2008 he decided to enunciate his words and be a big boy.

It will be fun to see how much they grow in the next few months, but I’m sure life will keep us so busy we won’t really reflect on it until another amazing milestone.


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