Tis the Season to be…


Winter has finally settled on our Texas land, or at least it has been slightly colder. I have been feeling really tired and lethargic, so much so, that I thought I was slightly depressed. However, it seems as though others around me are feeling the same way. With the hustle and bustle of what is supposed to be a happy holiday season, one would think everyone would be cheery and excited to take on each winter day as we come together to celebrate this time of year with family and friends. Not!

At least now I know I can look up to the sky and thank the heavens because everyone else feels shitty too! 🙂

It really shouldn’t be a revelation to me that I am lacking any energy because I am a Leo born under the sign of the sun. I guess no matter how much I look forward to winter’s arrival and the taste of cold crisp air I’m just a summer girl at heart.


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