Nothing is Sweeter…

Than the innocence of a child. The beauty of that innocence truly can make a soul light up with joy. My son presented me with his letter to Santa tonight. He spent a good two to three hours writing and typing it up. First, I’m overjoyed that this ten year old still believes in Santa. Secondly, after reading his wish list I almost cried because the items I know he will find the most joy and excitement in are not toys or clothes or anything really tangible, but proof of Santa’s existence. “I would like a picture of an elf, your house, Mrs. Clause, and your reindeer all set up and ready to fly.”

Last year, he asked for a picture of Rudolph to which Santa willingly complied. The sheer joy on that child’s face when he noticed that Santa had granted his wish was to me, wonderful and amazing and beautiful! He could have cared less about all the presents he received, all he wanted was that picture of Rudolph and it made his entire Christmas Day. I don’t know how or if Santa will be able to gift these other photos to Jared, but if he does, I think God will have granted to me another beautifully innocent and loving Christmas with my little family.


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