We do so much for our families. We are chefs, psychologists, chauffeurs, financial analysts, doctors, at times lawyers, law officers, mechanics, carpenters, maids, teachers, and just plain ol’ multi-taskers. We give up our careers to be there to actually raise our children and when we feel we can finally stick our feet back into the pool of the “professional” world we are stabbed in the back for the choice we made.

Well, excuse me for not wanting to put my child in a daycare center full of one hundred other children whose parents must go off to work to survive. Excuse me for wanting to be here for my children to watch them take their first steps. Excuse me for wanting to be the one to catch them when they fall; or take them to the library during the day because I can; or take them to the zoo or water park or just the plain ol’ park to push them on the swing and see them slide down the big slide because THAT is a really huge accomplishment for them. Excuse me for wanting to be here in the morning for them to see them ride the bus to school; for wanting to be here to greet them with coconut cupcakes or chocolate chip cookies when they return and get off the bus. Excuse me for actually wanting to have a full-time presence in my children’s lives.

So I’ve been out of the so called “professional” world, but I’ve done more and accomplished more in my “time-off” than I’ve been given credit and I can assure any prospective employer that my talents are worth every penny for every ounce of hard work you’d squeeze out of me. Hell, you don’t even have to squeeze it out of me, I’m ready and willing to do it, but oh yes, I won’t even be given the chance because apparently I’m damaged goods. I’m not “smart” or talented enough anymore.

All you prospective employers that turn down homemakers are missing out on the hardest working employees you will ever have in your businesses. Why? because we full-time mothers know how to give something our all; we never quit; we have to outsmart our competition on a daily basis; we are constantly managing multiple projects at once; we do constant research; and we manage our time well. Kiss my ass corporate America!!!


2 thoughts on “Homemakers…

  1. Sorry, yea, I did and I was told I would be very very difficult to find a job for since I have been out of the market for so long. I was actually told “they want someone who can hit the ground running.” Like I can’t! They just lost the chance at one of the best consultants they would ever have the pleasure of working with!

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