Harry Potter Hell…

I took my son to the Harry Potter book release party that was going on at the local Barnes & Noble store. We arrived at 9:20 pm and didn’t get out of there until midnight because we decided to stay and wait to get the book, even though he still has two books to go before he gets to the read this last one! What can I say, I got caught up in the excitement of it all.

I could not believe how crazy this event was, not only were my son and his cousins on the local news, but we ended up getting our picture in the paper with our Harry Potter glow in the dark glasses on…anyone want our autograph? There were a bunch of crazy people there. At midnight I stood in line waiting to purchase this book so I could get the hell out of that crazy place which was probably a fire hazard because there were a gazillion people crammed in that store. I hate crowded places. None the less, I am a mom and there is nothing I won’t do for my children (OK, that’s a lie because I’m pretty strict, but I want them to have a good time within reason).

So anyway, at 10 seconds to midnight, everyone starts counting down and I’m thinking I’m in LaLa Land with a bunch of loop-de-loopie people. I guess these books are really good. My son seems to enjoy them. I’ve decided to go ahead and give the books the ol’ college try and see what all the fuss is about. In the meantime, here’s our 5 seconds of fame.

Tom Navarette, from left, Angela Navarette, Jared Bordeaux, Christopher Garcia and Joey Maestas. “Harry Potter” fans descended on the Barnes & Noble Booksellers on El Paso’s West Side. Dressed in “Potter” garb, the fans eagerly awaited the release of the last book of the series, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.” Photo by Adriane Jaeckle / El Paso Times.

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