Alone at Last…

With my thoughts and they keep wandering back to Alaska. It is still difficult for my mind to absorb the fact that I got to go on such a wonderful trip and that I was able to share it all with my mommy. I’m sitting here rolling my eyes at myself for being so sappy and happy all at once. I had to look at my photos again because the land up there is so incredibly beautiful. I didn’t even get a third of the way through those photos when I came across a picture of my mother and I that was taken in the middle of a secluded lake in the Misty Fjords.

First, I am just so grateful to have received such a beautiful, extravagant gift from my loving husband; second, I am grateful to be so incredibly blessed not only that I have a husband who is so giving but for everything I have in my life; third, that God would give me yet another opportunity to travel to such an unbelievably fantastic place; and fourth, that I was able to experience it all with one of my best friends in this world, my mom.

I will forever be grateful for this life experience to God, to my husband, and to my mom for giving me such fun, beautiful, awesome, and loving memories that will be with me throughout my life time. I am so blessed! I wonder–what did I do to deserve such a wonderful life? Man I sure am lucky and loved.


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