Going Home

Here’s a poem I wrote several years ago. I came across it as I was going through my old emails from Dad. Hope you enjoy it.

Going Home

Packing up my babies and taking them all home
Driving six hundred miles just to reminisce
Remembering how we lived a simpler life back then
Remembering familial moments of blessed bliss

Memories of a life secure with Mom and Dad
Remember all of us under one roof?
Father, Mother, sister, brothers?
The bond we share is our witness, our proof…

Of carefree days, fun friends, and all we had.

Walking to school mornings when I was little,
Picking Momma flowers from a neighbor’s yard
Waiting for big brother to cross the fields at lunch
Cuddling nights in the crook of my Daddy’s arm

Knowing every weekend would be spent with our cousins
Having sleepovers, haunted houses, and birthdays together
Sharing every holiday with extended family
And feeling you’d wish those days could last forever

Playing in the sprinklers during summertime
Listening to the wind blow through the pines
Helping with Dad’s garden and scents of honeysuckle
Joking with my siblings and sharing silly chuckles
Pink mimosa blossoms and crickets chirping in the heat
Running through the neighborhood with no shoes on our feet

I want to give my babies everything I had and more
I want them to learn about what made me who I am
So I bring them back every year to share my memories
Hoping they can catch a glimpse of where it all began

Someday soon they’ll be wishing they were back at home
Longing for those yesteryears when they were not alone
And I’ll give thanks and welcome them with all my love
And hope they share the bonds we did with blessing from above



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