Father’s Day

What is a good father?

A father is a man who is always lovingly there for his children in one capacity or another.

He provides for them. He plays with them. He takes care of his needs only after his children’s are met. He takes them places even when he is exhausted. He is childlike enough to be imaginative with them all the time. He wrestles with them. He lets them climb on him as though he is their own personal jungle gym. He feeds them when they’re hungry. He teaches his sons to play ball. He lets his daughter style his hair with fashion clips. He bathes them. He dresses them. He gets them up and ready for school in the mornings. He takes them to the movies and to amusement parks. He takes them to the park or swimming. He disciplines them when they are doing something wrong. He teaches them math and helps them with special projects. He makes the commitment of leading his son’s Cub Scout pack because nobody else is willing and gives it his all. He takes them to endless soccer matches and practices. He drives all day and all night just to take them back home for a visit. He sets the example. He fixes things for them. He waits patiently for his children to call him. He supports them no matter how much they disrespect him. He loves them unconditionally. He hurts when they hurt. He triumphs when they do. He rejoices and revels even in the smallest gifts of love given to him by them. He is patient and kind, yet strong and knows the benefit of tough love. He worries about them in silence. He is always there for them, no matter when or what the need.

I know five fathers in particular of which I write who do all of these things. My dad, who was to me the greatest example of a father there ever was; my husband who I am so lucky to watch care and nurture our children; my father-in-law from whom I am sure my husband must have learned so much; my brother Mike who is like a second dad to me; and my brother Paul, who gives that unconditional love his children need so much.

What is a good father? A good father is anyone of these men who have done so much for their children and continue to strive to be there to watch them grow into great adults.

Happy Father’s Day!


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