Bittersweet Firsts

Today I took my kids to the pool to cool off and have some fun. I sat in my nice little beach chair and played Suduko for as long as they would let me until they could wait for me no more. The four of us wandered back and forth between the “kiddie” pool and the “grown-up” pool for about two hours. We claimed a small space for ourselves by the front step of the pool where Jared and Evelyn did their best to teach their little brother Joshua how to jump in all by himself. Joshua was extremely hesitant to take the plunge into his big brother’s arms and it wasn’t until I stepped up to hold his hand that he decided to go for it. He needed the comfort of his mommy’s hand to show him that he was indeed tall enough for his feet to touch the floor of the pool. After that, he was ready to do it all by himself. He inched his way up to the edge of the pool, contemplated what he was about to do, then dove right in. He was so full of pride at knowing that he too is big enough to do something the older kids can do. I just looked at him and smiled with an equal amount of pride knowing I just witnessed a “first” for Joshua. I have to say that watching him gain his independence is a wonderful yet bittersweet experience. I know there are many more of those moments soon to follow; my baby is growing up. Don’t leave me, Joshie!


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