Dad, Me and Sammy

That good ol’ dog in my blog picture, that’s Sammy, my Granny and Granddaddy’s beagle. Sammy was a good dog and as I recall he knew a trick or two. I remember watching Granny feed him a sugar cookie now and then from her avocado green cookie container in her tiny white kitchen; but before he could have it he had to turn around full circle two times. I loved that dog and I have nothing but fond memories of him. Of course the only memories I have besides the cookie trick are of him lying on the floor—by the time I came around he was a little old. The only other trick I, along with other family members, ever saw him perform was a vanishing act. We’d all be sitting in the living room talking and he could make everyone disappear in two seconds flat…see I do also remember one other thing, that dog had the worst silent gas anyone ever smelled! 😮


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